How to Clean Your Hydration Pack

How to Clean Your Hydration Pack – 3 Simple Steps

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In order to keep your hydration pack durable, it is highly recommended to clean and dry after each use. Not doing it can have for consequences: plastic taste, bacteria development or damage the hydration bladder.

This is how to clean your hydration pack:

Cleaning method:

  1. You can use warm water and baking soda to clean the reservoir. Another alternative is to use cleaning tablets.
  2. Let it dry during 15 to 30 minutes
  3. Rinse the bladder with soap and warm water. It is necessary to remove all traces of baking soda or cleaning products before using the tank again. You can use brushes to reach and clean deeply all part of the tank.

Your hydration pack is now clean and ready to use again!

Some hydration bladders are dishwasher safe hydration, which makes it easier to clear. As a consequence, it does not need cleaning tablets.

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