How to Keep Water Cool in Your Hydration Pack

How to Keep Water Cool in Your Hydration Pack

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How Do You Keep Water Cool In Your Hydration Pack

Picture it: you just completed a 10-mile bike ride. The scenery is beautiful, the air is fresh, but you feel great from that sense of accomplishment and doing something good for your health. Sure, your muscles are a little sore, but mostly you are just thirsty. You reach for your hydration pack tube, open the bite valve, and sip on…warm water. Yuck! Read on to find out how to keep water cool in your hydration pack.

No one wants warm water to “cool” them off after a big excursion. Read on for some tips on keep the water in your hydration pack as cold as possible.

Here Are Our Top Tips

  1. Ice cubes – The opening on your water bladder should be large enough to add a few ice cubes. If not, you can purchase ice trays that make “skinnier” ice. The only problem with ice is that it can dilute your fluid if you are drinking something other than water.
  2. Freeze the bladder – Your hydration pack has a removable bladder for a reason. Sure, you need to clean it periodically, but you can also put water, , or in it beforehand and freeze it for a few hours. This will keep the liquid cold for a least a couple of hours. Just make sure to take the bladder out about 2 hours before you head out so your hydration pack doesn’t turn into an ice pack.
  3. Emergency space blanket. If your hydration pack has enough room, you can wrap the bladder in an from your local sporting goods or big box store. This is a good option for when you forget to freeze the bladder or if you decide to go on an excursion last-minute.
  4. Blow in the tube. Sometimes, even after taking the necessary steps to keep your fluid of choice cold, the liquid in the tube will warm quickly if it stays in there. One tip is to blow a little into the tube after taking a drink. The fluid will go back into the bladder and stay cooler with the remaining liquid. Just remember your hydration pack is not a toy!

Final Words

Hopefully, these tips from Sports Hydration Packs will help you keep your water cooler for longer and you can enjoy that first, refreshing sip. You’ve worked too hard to settle for a warm drink as a reward.

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